Isekai Quartet – Episode 6

Welcome to another week! Our apologies for the Code Geass lyrics somehow making it into the ED last week. The translated lyrics were accurate, but something went wrong in our production pipeline that caused us to accidentally release with “placeholder” romaji.

As always, there are two subtitle tracks, one without honorifics and names in English order and another with honorifics and names in Japanese order.

Typesetting: Isaac
Timing: Curtis
Encoding: Mia
Editing: Mia
Translation (OP/ED): Allie
Translation Check: Allie
Quality Check: infy

Raws are sourced from Erai, and the original translation from Funimation.

Episode 6 can be found on nyaa in both [1080p] and [1080p-HEVC]. Enjoy!

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  • Hey, I glanced over the typesetting (for reasons you can guess) and have some suggestions/remaks. First, there are some unsubbed chalkboard for Emilia and Ainz sign (two times). When the crew names are written on paper, the lines are too blurry and doesn’t scale properly. Otherwise good as always.

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