Isekai Quartet – Episode 8

As always, there are two subtitle tracks, one without honorifics and names in English order and another with honorifics and names in Japanese order.

Typesetting: Isaac
Timing: Curtis
Encoding: Mia
Editing: Mia
Translation (OP/ED): Allie
Translation Check: Allie
Quality Check: infy, Mia, Isaac

Raws are sourced from Erai, and the original translation from Funimation.

Episode 8 can be found on nyaa in both [1080p] and [1080p-HEVC]. Enjoy!

4 Replies to “Isekai Quartet – Episode 8”

  • just found your subgroup and wanted to say thanks or subbing the songs.
    I really miss those days when everyone was doing that before official subs became so mainstream.

    and one weird request. could you start using Ohys-Raws

    if you look at the complete end, and look at the video length, its 12 minutes instead of 11:50 and that is because there is a beautiful end card artwork.

    and well along with subbed OP and ED I also miss seing those endcard titles that sometimes have art in them. and that. Sponsored by message.

    maybe not worth it.
    But just wanted to try asking because I miss seeing endcard artwork and hearing that promotional message.

    Thanks for fansubbing

    • another one is leopard raws that also shows endcads
      I know they aren’t 1080p but this is just pure selfish request.

    • Hi there, Mia (Encoder) here!

      Thanks for pointing out the end cards! I don’t think they appear in the Horrible/Erai raws, so we weren’t aware they existed.

      Ohys-Raws have slightly worse quality, in my experience, so I’d prefer not to use them for the full episode, but now I know that there are end-cards, I might see about grabbing them to add to our encodes for the batch release.

      I’m not going to add the konobangumiwa, though. ;P

      Thanks for your kind comments!

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