Kakegurui×× – Episode 10

Episode 10

Do you like yuri? We like yuri. If you do too—both the ships and the flowers—then you’ll have a lot to like in the conclusion of the Tower of Doors arc.

As with previous weeks, we have both a vanilla 1080p release and a 1080p HEVC release; the vanilla is the unedited Erai raw, and the HEVC is our own encode that has a much smaller file size. Most people will not notice the quality difference, though those with less powerful computers may have trouble with playback of the HEVC version.

A couple translation notes! First, “cormorant fishing“. You probably haven’t heard of this, but it’s a fishing method used mostly in East Asia (and Greece, apparently) in which fishers use trained cormorant birds to fish in rivers.

Second, “The Woman Who Bears the ✕”. That “X” mark is called a “batsu” in Japanese—that’s why Rei’s surname, Batsubami, is written ✕喰.

The team for this episode was
Translation: Allie
Timing, Type Effects, QC: Curtis
Typesetting: Isaac
Encoding, Confirming That The Fonts Were Actually Fucking Included: Mia

Episode 10 can be found on nyaa in both [1080p] and [1080p-HEVC]. Enjoy!

10 Replies to “Kakegurui×× – Episode 10”

  • Thanks again for another week! Hope you continue your work after kakegurui ends. The font is back to normal for me from last week!

    • It looks like you’re missing the masking layer, we have no idea why that’s the case. Is the “Absolute Neutrality” sign at 2:04 having a similar problem?

  • Errors that you may want to correct for a future batch release:

    (1) (In the honorifics track.) No honorific.
    00:06.56, Miss Igarashi is my opponent in this game,

    (2) Double “the” (“the the tower”).
    16:01.64, This is the first time someone will jump from the the tower that I created.

    (3) Question tags should be the opposite (positive/negative) of the main part of the sentence. Change the “don’t you?” to “do you?”.
    19:19.45, You don’t think you can understand me, don’t you?

    Thanks for your work.

  • Hi all.
    Bit late to the Nauti party but definitely be staying for the duration. If you have time can I ask 3 questions please.

    1 – You mentioned, in a reply, that an end of season batch will be available and that it is intended that the batch will be all 1080p, is this still the situation?
    2 – Have you made any firm decisions as to the future of the group, and how do you see it functioning in the future?
    3 – Probably the more important one, I upload to a large private anime site, do you have any objections to me including your work as a part of my regular uploads.

    Cheers all, for the work but more importantly for the consistency of quality.

    • 1) This is still the situation. We’ll most likely be releasing the 1080p batch using the BDs when they come out, but we might release 1080p versions of episodes 1-3 in the meantime. Maybe.
      2) We will continue to sub as we have been doing. Tentatively we are looking to pick up Carole & Tuesday for the spring season, though no final plans.
      3) No objections.

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