Kakegurui×× – Episode 11

Welcome back for another week of Kakegurui! The presidential election might be far from over, but things are starting to come to a head. This final arc is entirely anime-original, so nobody knows what might happen… Except for Midari bullying, of course. That’s a sad constant of our universe.

As with prior weeks, we have two releases: a vanilla 1080p release using Erai Raws and a 1080p HEVC release based on our own encode. Again, the HEVC version will have a much smaller file size, though older or less powerful computers may have trouble playing it back. There’s also two subtitle tracks, one without honorifics and names in English order, and one with honorifics and names in Japanese order.

The team for this episode was
Translation: Allie
Timing, QC: Curtis
Typesetting: Isaac
Encoding, QC: Mia

Episode 11 can be found on nyaa in both [1080p] and [1080p-HEVC]. Enjoy!

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  • A little disappointed that the season has just one more episode left before coming to a close as I have had no where near enough of Terano’s adorable, cripple ass.
    Regardless, you guys did a fantastic job and I hope you will be there for what will likely be a third season. I think it’s safe to say you have more than a few fans who will follow your future projects.

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