Kakegurui×× – Episode 12 (Final)

And with that, Kakegurui×× is over. Hard to believe it’s been 12 weeks since we got the band together and started naughtily subbing. We’d like to think we’ve improved over the course of the season, and we’re looking forward to our next projects.

By the way, we have a Discord server now! At the very least, this will be an easier way to contact us than email, and to keep track of what we’re up to.

As with all of our recent releases, we have both a vanilla 1080p version based on the unedited Erai Raws release and a 1080p HEVC version based on our own encode of the same. The HEVC version will have a much smaller file size and nearly imperceptibly lower video quality, though older or less powerful computers may have trouble playing it. And, of course, there are two subtitle tracks, without and with honorifics.

Our current plan for a batch release is to produce it when the BDs are out, which will be several months from now.

The team for this episode was
Translation, QC: Allie
Timing, QC: Curtis
Typesetting: Isaac
Encoding, QC: Mia

Episode 12 can be found on nyaa in both [1080p] and [1080p-HEVC]. Enjoy! Only read further in the post if you’ve watched the episode already.


Translation notes

First: why did Yumeko bring up the idea of an antlion’s trap? Antlion larvae create small sand pits and burrow down at the bottom, much like a Sarlaac, with only their mouths exposed. When smaller insects fall into the pit, they might scramble at the edges, but they can’t find their footing and fall deeper, toward the antlion larva’s waiting jaws.

Second, although you may remember this if your memory of the first season is good, the woman who befriends Rei is Yumeko’s older sister. She has repeatedly been shown to be an inmate at some kind of psychiatric facility—now we know why. Yumeko knows that she will most likely share her sister’s fate, but continues abandoning herself to the pleasures of gambling; that’s why Rei has such distaste for her.

Third, before Nozomi shows up, Mary asks Ririka “So, you identified with her?” In this line it’s not fully clear who Mary is talking about; I don’t know for sure who it was that Ririka would be identifying with. Rei, probably. This is just speculation.

Fourth, and most importantly, a note about Rei’s pronouns. Until the end of this episode, characters conspicuously avoid gendered pronouns for Rei (yes, even conspicuous in a language notorious for not using gendered pronouns to begin with). I had vaguely thought this was due to Rei’s androgynous appearance, and avoided using specific gendered pronouns in the translation for this reason. However, in light of this episode’s revelations, I think it’s more likely that the Momobami transfer students were, to use an English analogue, referring to Rei not with the singular “they”, but with the pejorative “it”. Simply put, Rei may be a member of this clan, but they do not grant her the rank of “human”.

It also bears mentioning that the word I’ve translated as “livestock” (and, in one line, “property”) in this episode is the same word, 家畜, used as the colloquial descriptor for “noncooperative students”. That is, “house pet”.

Finally, the episode title, “The Null Woman”, is a play on Rei’s name. Rei (零) means “zero”.

when you realize they managed to do a “read the manga” ending and an anime-original ending at the same time

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  • You all did a great job, it was beautiful ;_; , thank you very much for your work and I hope your group continues if there is ever a season 3 or some other anime that is of this caliber.

  • I forgot to mention, perhaps they might have another season of the picture drama or even better some ova/oads to properly continue the story. Do you think you can sub those if they are released?

  • What a ride that was.
    Thank You very much for the time, effort and love you’ve put while subbing this great series.
    Hope to watch more from you in the future 🙂

    Keep it up!

  • Errors that you may want to correct for a future batch release:

    (1) Missing the word “if”.
    10:00.03, But even [if] all of us work together, we can’t win.

    (2) Wrong article. Change “an fun” to “a fun”.
    12:06.13, but falling to ruin in an fun and amusing manner […]

    (3) (In the honorifics track.) Name typo. Change “Rikira” to “Ririka”.
    20:33.00, {*}Momobami Rikira{*Ririka Momobami},

    Thanks for your work.

    • Thanks for doing this every week! This is kind of a silly way to reach out, but since it’s the only way we have to communicate right now, would you ever be interested in doing proper QC with us?

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