Kakegurui×× – Episode 8

The conclusion to the Greater Good Game arc is upon us, and with it a return to our normal release schedule. We hope raw providers will continue to be as reliable and generous for the rest of the season.

You might have noticed that for this release we have a [1080p-mini] and a [1080p] release. If you have the Mystic Eyes of Encoding Perception, the [1080p] release is going to be better off, since it’s the unedited Erai-Raws raw. If you think artifacting is when you play that Valve card game, you’ll be fine with [1080p-mini]. Honestly though, we recommend taking a look at the comparison before making a choice. We’re pretty confident most of you will have no problem with the mini encode.

There’s also been a number of you asking for the subtitles separately. If that’s something you’d find useful, you can always use animetosho. Shortly after our releases come out (or indeed, any release on nyaa), the release will show up on there, along with a link for “all attachments” that you can use to grab both subtitle tracks and all the relevant fonts. Note that if you choose to apply the subtitles to a 720p raw some of the sign geometry will be off slightly. If you’re choosing to apply it to a different video track, we recommend Rashomon (1950).

Finally, a little translator’s note about “third-party betting”. A common type of third-party betting in the Anglosphere is gambling on the outcome of a lottery. I (Allie) felt that this had both the best parallel to the Japanese term, and was immediately intuitive. The original Japanese term comes from mahjong (sotouma), and has no commonly accepted English translation. Actually, other than the official Kakegurui manga, I couldn’t find any prior translations of this term whatsoever.

Speaking of which, the official manga translates sotouma as “outside bet”. I felt this was less intuitive, particularly since the most common meanings of “outside bet” English are “long shot” and stuff in roulette—none of which have much to do with how Kakegurui uses sotouma.

The team for this episode was
Translation: Allie
Timing, Type Effects, QC: Curtis
Typesetting: Isaac
Encoding, QC: Mia

Episode 8 can be found on nyaa in both [1080p] and [1080p-mini]. Enjoy!


8 Replies to “Kakegurui×× – Episode 8”

  • Errors that you may want to correct for a future batch release:

    (1) Wrong name order for the honorifics/Japanese-name-order track. Also, there should be a comma after the name.
    14:03.57, {\i1}{*}Itsuki Sumeragi{\i0}

    (2) Missing honorifics (“-sama”).
    (a) 14:20.91, In fifth place, and expelled, is {*}Honebami Miroslava{*Miss Miroslava Honebami}.
    (b) 16:47.81, Sumeragi Itsuki{*Miss Itsuki Sumeragi}, and…

    Thanks for your work.

  • Oh, BTW, you may want to consider using “side bet” for “sotouma” in the future. Side betting is a commonly-used term among competitive gamers, as well as MMA and boxing fans. It specifically refers to scenarios where spectator A and spectator B make a bet regarding who will win the boxing match they are both watching, for example.

    I think it would be fair to call the wager between Terano and Sumeragi a side bet.

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