Kanata no Astra 01-02

Hey all! Curtis here. New season, new show!

We actually weren’t going to do a show this season but then a friend of the group called in *ahem* ALL OF HIS SOCIAL CAPITAL to make me watch Kanata no Astra. I started watching the show with him and was like “fuck if I’m going to watch this anyways I might as well re-time it” and one thing lead to another and my friends were on board and anyways here’s the first two episodes!

We’re looking to be releasing around 10 PM Central Time on Fridays, but we thought we’d get this out now so y’all know we’re subbing it and (hopefully) wait for 03.

Typesetting: Isaac
Timing: Curtis
Encoding: Mia
Translation (OP/ED): Allie
TLC/Editing: Allie
Quality Check: infy

Raws are sourced from Amazon, and the original translation from Funimation.

Episode 1 and Episode 2 can be found on nyaa. Enjoy!

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